Manage a high-performing sales organization; assess the areas of strength and weakness within your organization, and then train your sales forces to master those skills to achieve better sales results.


PI Worldwide’s Selling Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT) provides the specific data you need to increase the sales production and customer interaction skills of your whole team by giving you an objective look at people’s strengths, skills, and areas for improvement.

It provides a detailed, accurate quantification of the sales and judgement skills of individuals, teams and the company as a whole, and is designed for multiple sales positions and industries to mirror your specific situation.

The easy-to-administer online survey assesses the five critical skills essential for a customer-focused and consultative approach to selling:

Building trust and credibility

Identifying client needs

Presenting products/services and articulating their value

Handling objections and gaining agreement for the sale

Creating customers for life with effective positioning


Customer-Focused Selling (CFS): for sales professionals

Customer-Focused Selling is an effective sales training program that provides all the core competencies needed for effective consultative selling, based on the areas of improvement identified by the Selling Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT). In a highly interactive learning format, CFS delivers the specific knowledge your team needs to consistently achieve better sales results

Sales Coaching: for sales managers

Coaching is a sales management skill that is critical to the ongoing development of your sales reps. While Customer-Focused Selling teaches your people how to sell better, our coaching programs – Coaching for Sales Growth™ and  Coaching to Excellence™ – give sales managers the skills to drive day-to-day performance, quarter after quarter.

Coaching for Sales Growth

Coaching for Sales Growth is a powerhouse one-day sales management coaching program that combines selling skill metrics with behavioral data by leveraging both the SSAT and Predictive Index® data.  This energizing program gives your sales managers a proven four-step coaching process, advanced coaching skills, and practical application strategies. This highly effective combination of workforce analytics, including both skill and behavioral data, plus practical application, enables your sales managers to accurately coach for outstanding sales results.

Coaching to Excellence

Coaching to Excellence is a one-day sales management coaching program that leverages your organization’s selling skills metrics by using SSAT data for a fully customized result.  This energizing full-day program gives your sales managers a proven four-step coaching process, advanced coaching skills, and practical application strategies, and enables them to accurately coach for outstanding sales results.

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